Wildfire Preparedness Information – 2023

As you know, wildfire season is in full swing, and the possibility of an evacuation order is a reality for all of us.
This page contains general provincial information. Check with your local county or municipality for local information and updates.

Have A Plan

As a rule, it is a good idea to have a basic emergency and evacuation plan in place for you and your family:

  • Fill your gas tank
  • Have plenty of bottled water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Cash
  • Keep your take-away valuables in a place that is easy and fast to grab in the event of an evacuation, including:
    • Insurance
    • Birth Certificates
    • etc..
  • Have a plan for you and your family – communication/meeting points, etc
Wildfire Emergency Updates
  • Communities under evacuation
  • Evacuation reception centers
  • Emergency Benefits
  • Health supports
  • Situation updates
  • Click HERE
Alberta Health Services Wildfire Resources
  • Click HERE
    • An extensive list of resources for preparedness, evacuation, mental health support, and more
Alberta.ca Wildfire Preparedness
  • Click HERE
    • Includes information on:
      • Before a wildfire
      • During a wildfire
      • After a wildfire
      • Financial preparedness
      • Staying informed
      • Helping other
      • And more
Alberta Wildfire Dashboard
Alberta Emergency Alerts
  • Find active alerts and details about the alerting system
  • Click HERE
Where is The Smoke?
  • Wildfire Smoke website – Click HERE
Latest Road Closures
Alberta Air Quality Index
Other Resources
  • Red Cross
    • 1-866-350-6070
  • Alberta Government Call Centre
    • 310-4455
  • Alberta Supports Contact Centre
    • 1-877-644-9992
  • Alberta Health Link
    • 811
  • 24-hour Mental Health Help Line
    • 1-877-303-2642
  • 24-hour Emergency Income Support
    • 1-866-644-5135 (outside Edmonton area
    • 780-644-5135 (Edmonton)
  • Information on community supports in your area
    • 211
  • Report Wildfires
    • 310-FIRE (3473)